gnocchi for the people



Gnocchi bar, from Lisa Nakamura, blends the classic Italian gnocchi and Northwest’s carefully sourced ingredients to bring you a delicious, savory, fair priced meal. “The idea is to serve you good food at a price that wont break the bank”.

Located in the heart of Capitol Hill inside the Packard Building, Gnocchi Bar offers a light-filled, street view of the city.

In addition to gnocchi, we offer a multitude of goods including, but not limited to Pastry Chef Adana Protonentis’ desserts and D’Ambrosio’s Gelato. A full selection of wine, beer, and cider are also available.



'cheap, terrific, perfectly sauced'

- seattle met



do not fear the potato


Gnocchi Gnirvana can be achieved EVERYDAY from 11 am to 10 pm. We stay open for gelato, coffee, desserts and beverages on Friday and Saturday from 10 pm to midnight.

1542 12th Ave Seattle
206  328  4285

No reservations
Be nice, the cops are across the street

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